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How To Use

Shake, Brew, Enjoy

AwakenCup is easy to use, just shake, brew and enjoy! There are tons of easy ways to use AwakenCup, shake it in your cup or brew it in your coffee and enjoy!

Before you brew

Simply put this into your coffee filter before brewing or in your grinder before you grind your coffee beans.

Add it to your cup

Simply add a sprinkle of our blend to your coffee for a delicious, aromatic twist

Enjoy it your way

There are dozens of ways to enjoy AwakenCup, You can even press it directly into your espresso (shh don’t tell the coffee experts, its really good). Other warm drinks include hot chocolate or apple cider. Use it any way you please! We just really enjoy it for coffee

Spice Up Your Cup

What is Awaken Cup?

Awaken Cup is not just for coffee aficionados, it’s for everyone who loves a good-tasting cup of coffee! We find that is hard to come by these days while also being health conscious. That’s why we designed Awaken Cup, with only real ingredients sourced from mother earth herself. Making your cup taste like an expensive cup of coffee without all the sugars and fillers.

Our Core Beliefs

We just really love coffee